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Mazeroon Hotel

Mazeroon Hotel

At A Glimpse

  • Because of complex location it has an easy to access to the city center.
  • Full time operation.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available in café and lobby
Check-In 12:00 pm
Check-Out 2:00 pm
Complimentary High-Speed Wifi

Mazroon restaurant was established in 1995.then after 12years hotel section was opened in this complex. The complex name come from local word of Mazandaran that is refer to location of hotel too. This residential and catering unit located in Mazandaran province Qaem Shahr city: north ring road (Sadat Nia Boulevard near Rasol mosque .that is a historical and popular place in this city.

Also Foam production factory (the commercial name: mazeroon foam knowledge based holding) that’s trusty and credible in foam production industry is involved in Mazeroon brand that is one of the foam exporters to many parts of the world.






Mazeroon hotel has 4 flours and 30rooms with different area and number of bed.



Reassurance about quality and freshness of the food


Hotel café

Hotel café welcomes you with hot drinks in cold days of winter.

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